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The cause of male impotence is too beautiful women



Spanish scientists have come to the conclusion that very attractive women have a bad effect on men's health. At the sight of beauties in the body of the stronger bird, the level of the stress hormone jumps sharply. To make sure that they were right, scientists conducted a study in which 80 ...

Conrad | 13.07.2023 16:19:09

Before & After Photo Contest: February



What can upset a woman more than a photo that mercilessly displays the presence of excess weight? What can please her as much as a photo that captures her beauty and good figure? And what can give more faith in one's own strength than a photo couple that clearly demonstrates her appearance before and after losing we...

Conrad | 13.07.2023 02:03:09

Jessica Simpson gets married



Singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson marries athlete Eric Johnson. The wedding will take place on July 4. The wedding ceremony will be held in Santa Barbara. Initially, the choice of the couple fell on the island of Capri in Italy. However, then the lovers decided to get married in the United ...

Conrad | 11.07.2023 21:23:59

Stesha Malikova commented on receiving the "Golden Gramophone"



On November 21, Stesha Malikova, the 15-year-old daughter of Dmitry Malikov, made her debut as a singer at the Golden Gramophone Award at the Olympic Sports Complex. Stesha performed with singer Yurkiss and ... immediately received the coveted statuette (Yurkiss received the same). Needless to say, the young singer was hit by a catrry ...

Conrad | 10.07.2023 09:44:01

Birds of prey began to breed in the Chernobyl zone



Photo: At the same time, the populations of two predators managed to recover from scratch! Scientists have managed to establish that over the past two decades, white-tailed eagles and great spotted eagles have multiplied in the Chernobyl exclusion zone located on the territory of Belarus! Experts have been tracking popu...

Conrad | 10.07.2023 08:23:24

Jennifer Aniston is four months pregnant!



The tabloids are ready to talk endlessly about the wedding and pregnancy of some stars. An example of such a couple is Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The actors are then bred, then sent down the aisle, and then they are credited with the birth of a baby. Recently, In Touch magazine has...

Conrad | 08.07.2023 15:39:31

The boundaries of perfect sleep have become known



How long is a person supposed to sleep? This question worries many, but it is impossible to answer it unequivocally, because it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. And, nevertheless, American scientists have tried to determine the boundaries of sleep, beyond which it is not desirable to go. As a...

Conrad | 07.07.2023 14:59:08